About the Business

Body Glow Arts is a small business operating in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and surrounding regions. It is dedicated to providing temporary airbrush tattoo body art as well as offering a unique line of clothing hand produced by the artist and owner of the business. Hand drawn caricatures are also available depending upon the event. These amazing products and services are available for booking upon request. The bookings are available on a first come first served basis in the summer months.

About the Artist

The Artist and Owner of Body Glow Arts is a fun-loving individual who will work hard to give the people what they want. He is always brainstorming new ways to entertain and bring laughter and excitement to you, the people. This love of fun and excitement is the engine that powers and inspires the artist to keep bringing his latest and greatest creations to the attention of the public, where they are encouraged to celebrate their senses of wonder, excitement, and appreciation for artwork in general.

Cambridge Arts Fest 2009

JUDEE RICHARDSON SCHOFIELD Guelph artist Johnathan Trombley draws a caricature of Molly Dotchin, 10.